Million Dollar Changes: Tips from First Cryptomarketplace like Amazon

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The first crypto marketplace empowered by blockchain – Storiqa – unveils necessary changes which lead to dramatic growth of counter.

Every market has its life cycles and it is quite obvious that there was the overall token sale slowdown in the end of the year 2017. Storiqa launched its token sale on November 28, 2017 and announced soft cap of $5 million which was reached in three weeks. Such pace implied long route to $25 million hard cap and gradually Storiqa’s team elaborated measures which were crucial factors for faster forthcoming of hard cap and overall success.


Every big event, and token sale is such, requires roadshow. In a nutshell, it is ultimate field of event which is hard to measure with KPI but it definitely bears fruit. It is not obvious but it is possible to define a few types of investors which are interested in token sale support. They can invest up to $5 million.

Tips: chose the roadshow destination where you intend to collaborate and be well-prepared for meeting with potential investors.

Landing page

No matter how substantial the expenditures for traffic are if the landing itself does not sell the product or service. Every line on the website has to be precise. It required 3 days to change landing dramatically working 24/7 and three weeks to understand what is wrong. Complicated structure was simplified and changed to pretty logical including the 15 words explaining the company’s purpose. Design has become more laconic. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and Russian has been added to English and it lead to greater backers’ national diversity. Promotional video which previously grab first visitors’ attention where hidden to the button “watch our video” that did not distract now from key questions – why and how to buy tokens.

Tips: specify since the very beginning for the website visitors: why blockchain is implemented and consequently which outstanding features it provides, reasons why the token is needed for the platform and backers in general.


One of the decisive factors has become the increase of minimal investment sum. The starting point was $5. Since it was increased in 10 times the average bill proportionally had grown. At first glance this measure was not hard to plumb but in fact it required three weeks to make this decision.

Tips: at the very beginning adjust the average bill according to the sphere where intend to develop the business.

Community management

In the wake of community rising, the brand loyalty is gradually building up. Savvy support members should rule the community wheel 24/7. Sometimes haters flood the chat with captious question and actually every negative comment can bring the experience. Due to proper community management Storiqa’s loyal audience increased from 2000 members to more than 20000 in total.

Tips: prepare wide FAQ certainly covering every question, entreatingly share every news and treat the community as a family. Every word matters. It’s up to your Community Manager and his team when your contributors are ‘on fire’

All ups and downs yield the experience. Token sale road is full of challenges and in fact passing every obstacle brings millions.  Following the tips it would not take long to achieve the result of executed work.

What Comes Next?

The company is developing a marketplace on a scale similar to that of Amazon but with different outstanding features which give a prominent competitive advantage. Plan to close hard cap is on Feb,13 but it happens sooner as the counter already shows more than $23 million. Do not miss the chance to get STQ tokens with bonus.

For more information about Storiqa please visit or ask questions in Telegram.

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