Building New Businesses on Blockchain One “DApp” at a Time

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With the quick rise of the almighty Bitcoin, the world has finally acknowledged the influence of decentralized applications (DApps). Built properly from the ground up, they could be rowdy but they can also hold tremendous power. To disrupt businesses and impact industries, DApps need qualified developers to create them. The problem is, while the potential use for blockchain technology is huge, there seems to be a scarcity of developers capable of building decentralized applications.

Technically, because smart contracts leverage uses self-enactable computer code, they chase to substitute legal contracts, making them difficult to comprehend by the average individual. Developers only amass about 0.003% of the adult population at global scale, and considering that many still perceive blockchain as a rising preliminary technology, an ever smaller percentage has the expertise and in-depth knowledge to develop and deploy high-end blockchain-based apps.

Programmers must fully understand what they’re getting themselves into, otherwise the code will be faulty. Knowing the “ins and outs” of how smart contracts work is key to building the killer; DApps. This is where Fabric Token enters the scene.

Making blockchain and smart contracts accessible

Fabric Token attempts to streamline the way businesses handle intra and inter-organizational processes. Since there’s an obvious lack of user-friendly interfaces, in-depth guides, and documentation on developing decentralized applications, Fabric Token aims at building an ecosystem where everyone can learn to build high-value DApps from scratch.

Drag & drop to build your DApp!

Fabric Token uses “drag & drop” software to make building workflows user-friendly. This way, even those with little experience can put their ideas to work and come up with a viable working product. For savvy developers, Fabric Token is an intuitive ecosystem that allows them to personalize their smart contracts, and make them fulfill their needs to the core.

Comprised of four main parts, the first is; “TokenGen” – a web application used for creating customized tokens and build smart contracts for crowdsales. Upcoming next is “DApp Workbench” – a virtual space for companies, entrepreneurs, and businesses that want to create DApps fast and easily without in-depth knowledge of programming languages. Smart contracts are launched as soon as they’re created due to the platform’s BPMN 2.0 compatibility.

The Fabric Token ecosystem is powered by the platform’s very own token, which users can use to get easier access to already-built DApps, smart contract components, UI add-ons, software libraries, and more.

Third-party developers can also use Fabric Store to earn tokens, build a reputation practicing with DApp Workbench and TokenGen, and including it into their customized smart contract components. Given the decentralized, transparent, and fully digital nature of Fabric Token, the company fosters to become a platform where businesses and entrepreneurs can learn about blockchain and building smart contracts on their own. Think of it like the Canva of smart contract development, where ideas become DApps at a few clicks of a mouse.  

On Jan. 22, Fabric Token partnered with SwissBorg and Wolf Crypto, two Blockchain-based companies that invested nearly $800.000 to help the company fulfill its mission. The funds will be used to boost marketing efforts, raise awareness, and continue the company vision to make decentralized app development accessible to the masses. The token sale will launch on “Feb. 15”. There will be a supply of 100 mln FT tokens priced at 0.1125 USD (ETH is the only accepted form of payment).

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